What is E A V 

What does it do?

An outstanding investigative tool
This is a bio-energetic detector that uses real science and bio-physics and allows us to look at a person as a whole system not as little fragments.   It was discovered and developed  by Dr R Voll in 1959 and he coined the term; Electro Acupuncture by Voll, (EAV)
Your body’s systems are constantly interacting in powerful yet subtle ways.
If we only identify and treat a specific symptom, that symptom may subside but the cause will often remain below the radar and progress to other places where it re emerges as another set of symptoms. We just shift the underlying problem around the body’s system without really restoring well being.

Finding and Balancing
Illness and disease rarely come from a single cause or source. Rather from the knock on effects and feedback loops that cross over many different systems within our bodies.
It is important search, find and then balance your body’s energies and functions so it can return to its fullest potential health and wellbeing.

Identify, Treat and Monitor
There is tremendous value in having a bio-detection machine, the EAV, to enable reproducible, reliable and comparable measurements to be made by the therapist. S/he is then able to use the data obtained to identify, treat and monitor what is happening across all the body’s systems in a balanced and powerful way.